Subdivide, organise, structure. The extended bracket systems enable you to position F1 in the room to create a whole new dimension.

F1’s clear product architecture underlines the separation between different areas and also creates a clear design focus.


Perfect symmetry. The rear cover ensures that the system looks identical from both sides. The covered adapter in the rear rail makes installation easy and safe, and also allows retrofitting.


A clean finish. The end covers are available for systems with up to 5 rails and cover up the view to the interior of F1 from the side. They retain the strictly geometric look even of systems which stretch well into the room. They can be extended as required in order to be used as returns for elegantly closing the gap to the wall.


A secure hold in any position. The ceiling hangers, which can be adjusted individually to any length up to 50 cm, provide F1 with a secure hold in any position in the room. The straight design is perfectly coordinated to the unique design of F1.


Safely in the niche. The wall supports are used for elegant lateral mounting of the F1 rails. That makes them the perfect solution for installing F1 in niches and open passageways.

The F1 weighting system

Perfect pendant. To match the F1 design language based on straight lines, the F1 weighting system takes the fabric at the bottom end and gives it weight and a straight appearance. The weights are precisely made to measure and are folded over at an angle at the sides. This creates the impression of an elegant, solid metal rail – with no end caps at all. The glider insert at the back of the weighting system prevents any noise due to friction or impact. More details at Accessories.

Design awards

In only a few months, F1 has won the red dot award and the iF design award, and has also been nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. A single product winning so many awards is something of a rarity and underlines the fact that this is something special.