Clear-cut and
playful at the same time

As individual as your rooms: the decor system combines the charisma of textile window decoration with the straight lines of the flat panel curtain. The purist rail system is the perfect stage for this arrangement.
F1 suitable for a wide variety of finishes and ensures maximum individuality – for rooms with an unmistakable signature.


The panel carrier ensures that the flat panel curtains fall straight. This enables the purist panels to be moved over large distances. The classic curtain with tape is the perfect contrast to this, which provides volume and a textile cornucopia to bridge the divide in style at the window. The glider design is adapted to the panel carrier to provide the perfect hold in the background.


An expression of that personal touch. Skilfully worked accessories refine the details of F1. The purist design of the rail creates the ideal backdrop for this mini mise en scene. Whether used as solitary ornamental pieces, or as a complement to an object in the room, the clips can easily be positioned at any point along the rail.