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Filigree. Timeless. High quality. The ceiling-mounted system is as confident as it is discreet. The precisely aligned rails float under the ceiling with a subtle shadow gap, underlining the weightless character of F1. A perfect solution for generous room structures and large window fronts. The perfect finish and the flat design highlight the appearance of F1. The multi-level and extensive finishing of the aluminium profiles using bespoke equipment guarantees the uniquely expressive brilliant metallic effect of F1.

Schwebende Eleganz
Schwebende Eleganz - Detailansicht


The success of the ceiling-mounted bracket is based on its refined mounting with a 5 mm shadow gap. This allows the rail to apparently ‘float’ under the ceiling, creating a filigree, light impression. The shadow gap also compensates for any unevenness of the ceiling and prevents any flashes of light which otherwise appear between rail and ceiling.

Concealed fabric fastening

Reduction to the bare essentials. The F1 panel carrier remains concealed behind the profiles and allows the design of your fabrics to shine through over its full height. A nice touch.
The retractable panel carrier allows the tried-and-tested hook and loop tape to be used, making F1 the ideal system for technical and decorative fabrics. An interstil idea. Refined. Patented.

The F1 weighting system

Perfect pendant. To match the F1 design language based on straight lines, the F1 weighting system takes the fabric at the bottom end and gives it weight and a straight appearance. The weights are precisely made to measure and are folded over at an angle at the sides. This creates the impression of an elegant, solid metal rail – with no end caps at all. The glider insert at the back of the weighting system prevents any noise due to friction or impact. More details at Accessories.

Design awards

In only a few months, F1 has won the red dot award and the iF design award, and has also been nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. A single product winning so many awards is something of a rarity and underlines the fact that this is something special.